Money Making - ROBOT

Tradewinx Robot - The Money Making Machine works with 100% Accuracy.

Robo execute trade order in a fraction of a second whether its a single trade or multiple.

This is how ROBOT works......

At first Tradewinx back-fill the data of selected stocks...then it send the data to AmyBroker. Now AmyBroker Generate the Buy/Sell Signal. ROBO Read the signal generated by AmyBroker and according to the signals execute the trade on Nest Trader.

* Tradewinx ROBOT Trade is as simple as 123.
* Its Cheap and affordable.
* ROBOT works on strategy with predefined Algorithm so the chances of a mistake is less then 1% .
* Robot needs only one time configuration and its all Done...

STEP 1: Login into the Terminal.

STEP 2: Set the stocks you want to Trade.

And its all done...Everything else Tradewinx Robot will Do...
Like this...........

To know more....Tradewinx Robot


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